Little Dog – About Us

Little Dog – About Us

The Little Dog Laughed, always going the extra mile to create a smile! A bit cheesy, I know, but very true.

Our sibling owned card and gift company based in sunny Derby was created on this simple ethos; to design nice things that add a smile to someone’s day.  17 years on, the aims remain the same and with our watchwords of humour, honesty and quality it doesn’t really get more complicated than that.

You can find our products here,  in various independent gift shops and garden centres around the UK and if you are going abroad you may also stumble across our humble offerings in Australia and New Zealand.

Anna Danielle studied printed textiles at Winchester School of Art. It was here she had her first experience of designing greeting cards. That was her eureka moment and 18 years on she is still creating cards and gifts inspired by her love of all things four legged and furry. She primarily works with watercolour and pen and gets much of her inspiration from the photos and anecdotes loyal Little Dog followers send to her via email or her Facebook page. She considers herself ridiculously lucky to be able to do something she has always loved for a living.

Anna’s designs are set within a home environment which is how the collection “digs&manor” came to be named the dog in his digs and the cat in her manor.  Mixing sophisticated home colours with musings from a furry perspective sees the digs&manor range becoming a firm favourite of a collection.



Team Little Dog comprises of just 9 people.

In order of appearance:

Company founder and designer Anna Danielle, a truly “lucky duck” who gets to combine her passion for illustration and love of animals on a daily basis. She is addicted to biscuits and also gets the final say on everything, which pleases her feminine nature to the core.

Gavin, Anna’s big brother, joint owner and company director is the driving force behind the business. Funny, creative and a natural problem solver, Gavin is a great boss which is why he gets away with parking his car across two spaces.

Nathan, their little brother is Head of Operations. The personification of charm, good humour, reason and logic he brings out the best in people and is the essential link in the siblings working relationship.

Ann, Head of Despatch, hardworking, dependably & conscientious, Ann joined the team when our beloved Natalie left us to continue her travelling pursuits.  And our wish for cloning sort of came true – Ann just happens to be Natalie’s mum.  We think we’re onto a winner with that!


So that’s your full timers, now for our dedicated part time team:

Debra, our freelance graphic designer joins Anna for 2 days a week and helps demystify the Mac and keep up with the product design deadlines. Intelligent, witty and with an amazing artistic talent, this girl is creative to the bone.

Amanda, she heads up the Little Dog’s Marketing & Sales and assists Anna in her social media efforts. A whirlwind of energy and enthusiasm, she breathes life into the working day and is the other half of our trade fair A-team.Talking, running, thoughtfulness and baking are second nature to this girl and it is a joy to have her on board.

Mandy, aka The Mand is another diamond discovery, she assists Natalie in Despatch and is a real trouper. Hardworking, cheeky, caring, chief brew maker and with the added bonus of a cleaning disorder this is definitely someone you want in your team.

Martin, now if ever there was a multi talented human being that slipped under the radar, Martin would be your top candidate. He runs the warehouse and keeps the stock levels flowing. He can build, fix and sort anything that needs sorting. Martin is also afflicted with OCD which makes him the ultimate perfectionist in all that he does. Legend!

And last but not least,  Alison, head of Research and Development. We keep her squirrelled away in the new R&D room where she works her sewing magic. Another creative being with a wickedly dry sense of humour (you can’t beat a Northerner for funny) she oozes talent from her finger tips. Alison originally specialised in glass design but found sewing allowed her to combine motherhood with work and now we reap the benefit of all her experience and knowledge.

And that’s pretty much it, well done and thank you for getting this far!

If you have any queries you can contact the office on 01332 290605 or email us on

And if for some crazy reason you’d like to read an in-depth chapter by chapter account of how this little business started, grew and survived into the present day then you are very welcome to click here for The Little Dog Story.