UNBELIEVABLE, YOU’LL NEVER GUESS WHAT?!  Little ole us have been nominated for some greeting card awards. I know, who’d have thought it!

They are right when they say nothing happens for thirteen years and then three things come at once!

We’ve just been told that three of our card collections have made it through to the finals in the annual greeting cards award ceremony. Yes, there is such an awards night and it’s called “The Henries” in honour of Sir Henry Cole, a civil servant who sent the first Christmas card way back in 1843.

From over 14,000 entries we have been shortlisted in the top five for the following ranges. Silver Screen for Best Trend, Rufus Rabbit for Best Words and Sentiments and Little Rufus for Best Cute. Truly unbelievable.
Unfortunately the competition is very strong but we are simply delighted to be in the top five so please excuse us if we get loud and repetitive about the nominations, did I mention we have been shortlisted for three awards?!

The ceremony is in London in October so we’ll keep you posted on the outcome.