This time next year Rodders, this time next year!

20111018122928.jpgThree greeting card nominations but sadly the Little Dog comes away with empty paws and yet there is still a bounce in his step.
The Henries Awards night last Thursday 13th was once again an excellent affair and we shared our table with some of our industry favourites including Laura Darrington, Velvet Olive, Juicy Lucy and Brainbox Candy.
This years theme was Circus but only the Brainbox Candy boys had the guts to come in fancy dress to the black tie do and promoted themselves as the travelling circus freak show “The Bearded Ladies”. A true stroke of comic genius right down to their dresses being padded in the breast area with little toy puppies!
The ultimate winners were very deserving and hand on heart we were truly chuffed to be nominated. It was such an ego boost just to be recognised and has added a lovely splash of additional motivation to the design studio for 2012. To quote a Little Dog favourite, “This time next year Rodders, this time next year!”