And the Confession Cards Prize goes to…

And the Confession Cards Prize goes to…As a thank you to all of you who cast your eye over our new Confessions range and helped with spelling, grammar and liked their favourites, I promised to do a muddy paw draw with the help of Smiffy the office dog and send the muddiest name a complete set of the final 12 Confessions cards.

Sounds easy and fairly straight forward doesn’t it?!

Well it started off ok, 20 minutes to write out the names on the paper pieces ready for the afternoon but then half an hour to locate the pile of names which I’d put in a safe place so as not to loose them. 5 minutes to acknowledge Smiffy had absolutely no interest in our silly prize draw but luckily Jackson was on hand to take over.

Our office unit is on an industrial estate and although dust and weeds are a plenty, mud is not, so Jackson was walked a short distance and returned with dirty feet.

However the mud was dry so we had to return to the soil area, create a mud pie and then rub Jacksons feet in it before returning to the floor area covered in names. (15 mins)

Bingo, lots of muddy prints, a bemused Jack Russell and not 1 but 2 winning names. So if Angela Edwards and Julie English would like to email me direct with their addresses I will pop their prize in the post.

A great big thank you once again and to the rest of you, they will be in the shops and on our website from the middle of March.

P.s. If your pet has anything to confess too and you have the time, then drop us a post and a pic on our facebook page and they might appear on their very own card achieving fame and a clear conscience in one fell swoop!

P.p.s. Next we might just pull the names out of a hat x