June’s Pet of the Month

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June’s Pet of the Month

There were a lot of strong contenders to kick start our Pet of the Month competition. But to give you all a chance to search through your albums/phones and submit your best choice we’ve bestowed June’s honour on our very own Douglas.

This little boy is ridiculously dear to my heart and was discovered by a lovely friend in an antique shop in Norfolk. He dates back to the 1930’s and once hand his own wheels. His label reads Chiltern Toys but there is no specific reference to this style of dog on the *tinternet*. If you are one of the lucky people who get to trawl the gift halls at the NEC trade fairs then there is a good chance you’ll meet him on our stand as he does like to keep a watchful eye over the comings and goings of the day.

If you’d like your pet to be July’s Pet of the Month then you can submit any photos via email or our Facebook page with the subject/title of Pet of the Month. All the winner’s owners will receive a mixed bundle of greeting cards from our collections worth £25 but possibly more exciting than that is the chance that your furry one may end up in my inspiration “pets to draw” folder!

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