March Pet of the Month

March Pet of the Month
Odie the Dalmatian he’ll be 11 yrs old this July.
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He was saved from being put to sleep when he was just 11 weeks old as he was born deaf. A vet nurse took him in and fostered him until a home was found. Julie found Odie (then called JJ) on a rescue website and it was love at first sight. Odie came to live with Julie at 15 weeks old.
Julie says “Odie has been and still is not only my best friend but my rock, he found me at a low point in my life, my marriage had just fallen apart and I was suffering from agoraphobia. Going out was tough but I had to make sure Odie was walked every day.
If it wasn’t for Odie I wouldn’t have left the house. He has been my support for the last ten and a half years.  He takes everything in his stride, knows all his basic signs and is great with the cats, loves my children and grandbabies and is so good with the small furries that stay in foster care here”
Julie goes on to say ” The prize I won in your competition is being shared with 2 rescues. Half will be going to the Yorkshire Animal Shelter who I have been helping with online fund raising for the last 2 years by running auctions and pet shows via Facebook.”
Odie 2
The second charity is one Julie and a friend started after volunteering with fostering at their local cat rescue centre. They realised there is a huge need for help for the smaller furries in and around Keighley, West Yorkshire and so created a small animal rescue charity called”FureverLoved Small Animal Rescue. It has officially been up and running for the last 2 months and has already taken in 11 rabbits, 8 chinchillas, 2 hamsters, a bearded dragon, a corn snake and a guinea pig, with 2 more guinea pigs on their way.
They are a non profit rescue and rely solely on donations and their fund raising efforts to cover vet fees, food and bedding etc.
“We have already had 1 auction and a pet show and our next auction will be starting shortly in time for Easter.”
If you’d like to help in any way or are interested in finding out more please click on the links below.
Julie, good luck with all your efforts and thank you for sharing Odie with us. He is a more than worthy winner of Pet of the Month!
We’ve added some extra bits to your prize to hopefully help with all your funding raising efforts.
Best wishes, Anna Danielle

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