2018 Superstars

2018 Superstars

Well. I asked you to bombard me with your 2018 Superstar entries and you did! Well over 1500 photos to scroll through via email and Facebook. I can’t say thank you enough. I have been utterly spoilt for choice. Please forgive me for this generic response to your entries but it is the quickest way to say thank you to everyone and keep you updated on the progress of my calendar & diary project.

Winners will be officially announced when the calendar has been completed (Late July) but the 2018 diary artwork has left the building. Hoorah! All of our paper products are printed in the UK except for the diary which is manufactured in China. This has a lead time of 16 weeks which is why it has to be done and finished in May.

The Process

At the start of the project I’m always chipper, marvelling at how happy I am when I draw. With Radio 4 for company & the complete Desert Island discs archive to indulge in (not forgetting a full tin of biscuits for sustenance), life really is good.

However about 14 days into the project cabin fever sets in. Permanently cold due to the lack of movement, I’m wrapped in a blanket with creative mess building up around me. I work hard to quash the rising feelings of deadline failure. Sounds ridiculous but sitting on your bottom drawing for 12 hours a day is really quite exhausting. Concentrating can do that to tiny minds! The state of my home quickly goes to rack & ruin as most of the domestic chores have been abandoned by Day 4. And when your little ones return home from school and the first thing they ask is not the usual demand of “What can I eat?” but have I finished the dogs, then I know this project has left it’s mark on more than just myself.

World news this May has been rather heart wrenching to say the least and I’m sure I’m not the only one who has crawled into bed with feelings of despair. I’ve felt uncomfortable posting Little Dog updates on Facebook because, well quite frankly, trivial comes to mind. However the heartwarming and special thing about this project is the sheer amount of love, kindness, companionship and humour that fills your emails and entries. It truly is a welcomed antidote to the horror being committed on what almost feels like a daily basis. So once again, thank you for sharing your furbabies with me. It is always an honour.

Humbly yours.

Anna Danielle




  1. Wow…. what a month you have had, time for some R & R surely…. we have just started winter in Australia, the southern states feeling the cold the most (which is where our Fergus the Westie lives). Today is a beautiful sunny day and our verandah is bathed in sunshine so our Fergus is bathing in the sunshine too. After all you’re hard work we look forward to your beautiful calendar for 2018, perhaps one day you will visit our country and check out how spoilt our beautiful dogs are too. Kind Regards Sandra

  2. The trouble is whatever goes on in the world time does not stand still and your calendar brings so many smiles into my day, so carry on Anna, keep producing your wonderful artwork lots of love Debbie Nixon x

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