It’s A Good Sign. Proud to be supporting the RSPCA.

Heading into the 20th year, The Little Dog is delighted to mark the occasion with an exciting and well placed project supporting the RSPCA.   The It’s A Good Sign collection, which was launched in 2017, recieved such a positive reaction.  Therfore the range has been selected to help support a charity important to The Little Dog.  For the next three years, all products sold within the range will contribute funds to the RSPCA.  No matter where the consumer buys them from.

 The company’s 20th anniversary focused thoughts on fund raising.  Anna Danielle and the team have been keen to take on another big project with an animal charity. It has been ten years since the Battersea Dogs & Cats Home collaboration.  This project raised over £8,000 for the charity and sights are set high for the RSPCA.  A brief conversation with Ellen Camillin from the RSPCA left both sides feeling like it was a great fit and indeed a good sign!

The Little Dog are delighted as a company to work with the RSPCA and help support the outstanding work that they do.

Making contributions to the RSPCA

RSPCA name and logo are trademarks of RSPCA used by The Little Dog Laughed Ltd under license from RSPCA Trading Ltd.  RSPCA Trading Ltd (which pays all taxable profits to the RSPCA, registered in England and Wales charity No 219099) will receive 10% of the wholesale price from the sale of this product line.  The RSPCA helps animals in England and Wales.

The It’s A Good Sign Collection Spring 2018

 Each super minty mint ball has been made in the UK and there are eight designs to choose from. Beyond exciting isn’t it!

 But if mints aren’t your thing then perhaps coasters are?! The handy postable gift which will hopefully add a smile to someone’s day. No office desk is quite complete without one.

And this little practical gift idea. These Good Sign key rings are double sided which gives them a lovely feel of quality. The Little Dog is not over keen on a flimsy key ring which is why we don’t do them!

And then there are the Good Sign greeting cards. 24 in all to choose from and each featuring a genuine, real life furry muse.

And all of the above is just for starters. Following on later in the year we have china gift mugs and glasses cases to tempt you into parting with your hard earned pennies. And if you are after something original and of a limited edition nature, then keep ’em peeled on our Handmade Temptations section of this website. Together we will raise some decent monies for the furries not quite as fortunate as our own.

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