2019 Search for A Superstar Winners Part 1

Hello everybody.

Before I reveal some of our 2019 Search for a Superstar winners, I need to make a humble apology on the delays with this competition announcement.

Unfortunately I’m currently experiencing a rather unsettling creative slump and a numb, tingly frozen drawing hand. Procrastination is definitely winning each of my days. I can’t ever remember a creative block lasting this long and I’m hoping a holiday will reboot my energies just in time to meet the last, last, LAST possible calendar print deadline!

Fortunately, I managed to get all three diaries completed including the cat calendar and I’m only 10 artworks shy of the finishing line. Thankfully you have filled my inspiration folders to the brim with excellent photos, so the lack of muse offerings is not an issue.

Okay. I’ve rattled on long enough about me, time to let your furry ones take centre stage.

2019 Magnificent Moggie Diary and Calendar.

Allow me to introduce the 12 superstars ready to accompany you into 2019 and keep you organised and on time for the whole year!

I thoroughly enjoyed working on this year’s cat diary and feel the cat department at the Little Dog towers is getting stronger with each collection.

Cover Girl – Evie or Stevie  or Fifi or Floof!

 Mr January is Hector. 

Melanie Bruder


Mr February is Mr Hugo. 

Melissa Issacs


Miss March is Agnes the Waterbaby

Nicola White


Miss April and our 2019 Cover Girl is

Evie or Stevie  or Fifi or Floof!

Kayleigh Jones


Mr March is the Legendary Whizz Bang

Sally Stevenson


Masters June are Balcony Boys Phoenix and Merlin

Melissa Watt


Miss July is Stress buster Jess

Emma McGrath


Mr August is Rodney the Clown

Ann Munday


Miss September is the Incomparable Miss Meggsy

Joanne Dasborough


Miss October is the Amazing Kiri

Fay Mook


Miss November is Loud & Persistent Vera

Johanna Evans


Mr December is Alan. 

Johanna Evans


And now for the dogs…

Our 20th Anniversary Celebration 2019 Diary

As this is a special year for us I’ve been allowed a spot of artistic indulgence and returned to my original artwork style. It features a number of new designs plus a few of my very first, personal favourites.

This diary will most likely appeal to the less is more movement!

Our Cover Girl

Gracie The Patterdale X

Beverley Blay


Inside Covers

Sausage Dog

One of my first originals from a date tick box that requires much scrolling!


Martha the Springer Spaniel

Katie Gray


Mr January.

The Original Scruffy Mutt Tuffy Jack

My cheeky much loved boy


Miss February.

Lottie the Fox Terrier

Nicki Evans


Miss March.

Sprogg the Podenco Lurcher

Marisa Hunter Tom


Mr April.

Sir Jack Spratticus

Ness Holbrow


Mr May

Vinnie The White Alsatian

Charlotte Langford


Miss June

Miss Trudi

Elaine Whitelaw


Mr July

Danny the Greyhound

One of my favourite drawings of a beautiful boy waiting patiently at our local animal rescue centre ADAWS in Ashbourne, Derbyshire.


Mr August

Old Boy Frank

A change of muse to this original card design to add a little more colour and depth. The first version featured a simple pen drawing of a rescue called Benson who after rehoming became known as Scruff.


Miss September

Rose the Lurcher

Jacqueline Baker


Mr October

Otis the Cockapoo

Family Stevens


Miss November

Skyla the Cypriot Rescue

Natalie Palmer


Mr December

Mac the Bandit

In honour of my hearts desire. A medium sized, short haired, black and white mongrel with a patterned tummy that heartbreakingly I never got chance to spoil.


And now for a Brucie bonus of doggy design choice!



The It’s A Good Sign 2019 Diary

Our extra dog diary offering for 2019. As part of our celebration wishes for our anniversary year we’ve teamed up with the RSPCA. Which means for the next three years any product sold from this collection will see 10% of the wholesale price donated to the charity by us. Fingers crossed we can raise some extra funds for the important animal protection work this stalwart of a charity do.

Our Cover Boys

Teddie and  Joshie

Battersea Rescues

Inside Covers

Bella the Border Collie

Ann Bone


Rowf the English Springer Spaniel 

Sue Cooke


Mr January.

Loki the Wire Hair Hungarian Vizsla

Family Brocklehurst


Miss February

Poppy the Goldendoodle

Lucy Rushmore


Mr March

Albert the Parsons Terrier X

Sarah Reynolds Brown



Mr April

Blake The Greyhound

Dee Buyuk


Masters May

Teddie and Joshie

Battersea Rescues


Mr June

Morgan the Sprocker

Becky Travers


Mr July

Trevor the Collie X tweaked to look like Chester

The original dog I drew was a rescue but a customer asked for a personalised print as his dog Chester looked so similar. I did my best to make the markings match but can’t find the name of the owner.


Mr August

Barney the Border Terrier

Claire Knight


Mr September

Wallis the Dachshund

Rescue hopeful.


Miss October

Millie the Golden Oldie

Tina Torres


Mr November

Old Boy Frank 

Rescue Mongrel


Miss December

Nova the Doberman

Lucy Philips

And that my good folks is all for Part 1.

Part 2 for the Good Sign Family Organiser Calendar and Anniversary Celebration Dog Calendar will be announced by the end of August.

( I’m being positive that the creative block will have dissipated by then!)

By September the diaries and calendars will be available through our website and a good independent gift shop near you. All winners will receive their complimentary copies hopefully by the end of month.

A heartfelt thank you to everyone who submitted photos of their furry ones. The overwhelming love and care that each entry contained makes this project a joy and a privilege to work on.

And for those possibly feeling a little bit despondent, do keep ’em peeled to this page because there are still 10 more chances that it could be you!

Warmest regards

Anna Danielle




  1. Your most ardent fan. Love the moggies in the cat calendar. I shall be ordering one to go to my cat-loving family in New Zealand. My current dog is a rescue Border Terrorist, beautifully depicted by you. Typical Border pose. Thankks for all the smiles and laughs over the years.

  2. I really love the English Springer Spaniel . I rescued one in February and he is my best friend. He replaced my first one that died and he’s done it beautifully. Your calender will be gifts for my doggie and catty friends.

  3. What does this mean for Jack & I … the absolute ruddy world! It symbolises all those who have stood by Jack and I from the day he was rescued from Border Terrier Welfare UK in 2012. Thank you everyone – every being and fur-being – that has touched our lives in anyway shape or form. Jack & I especially wish to applaud this extraordinarily wonderful company that celebrates our beloved pets; and then goes on to share the joy they bring to us through its brilliantly apt designs. They capture our animals’ funniest moments, their typical stances and their characterful traits. The wording delivers so perfectly a moment in time that I know must capture the hearts of every pet owner. This company, some may deem this cheesy, but **** I’ll say it anyway, as it is what it is) is one I’ve loved for years (as I’m a prolific sender of greeting cards, dogs especially!!) Anna the creative designer who paints these exquisitely, WELL DONE! What a divine array of moggies and doggies. CONGRATULATIONS as you come towards celebrating 20 years of success. INFINITE THANK YOUS! & a great big Border Terrier kiss!!

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