To walk a mile in your shoes

To walk a mile in your shoes is just one of the aims we have for our eight week pop up shop madness!

As it’s coming up to the season that we hope will see us all exhausted but rewarded for our efforts and safely through to 2019, we thought now was the best time to take on a short-term lease in a convenient if somewhat badly designed, wind tunnel, 1970’s shopping precinct! Tucked down the side alley from the butchers, next to the Chinese takeaway, the location is not ideal but on the plus side, the spring rolls are delicious.

This decision caused a split decision.

Nathan pointed out that we have no budget, no manpower and are right in the middle of a building refurbishment which we are doing ourselves. Anna argued that it could be inspiring and might just be the motivational kick up the bottom that she needs to try some new ideas and perhaps, rather indulgently, use some of the space to hold a little art exhibition of her “just for fun” drawings and sketches. Gavin reasoned that as it’s been twenty years selling to trade, it was now high time to see first hand what our customers are up against and therefore how we can improve our service as suppliers.




And one week in, what have we learned so far?

That complete strangers tell you the most intimate details of their lives. That the weather is king.That we have a lot of seconds stock which could be used by our trade accounts to create some lovely, eye-catching, window displays.




So as we take on the best of them and go head to head with “I love my dog” tales, we wish you good luck for the silly season and will return with great plans in the New Year!



  1. This is great news…. the shop looks lovely!

    It’s nice that you’re getting a little insight into what we are up against (although Xmas is our best time)…. If only all companies did this.

    It looks like you’ve learnt alot already in just a short time.
    Ps I wonder… what is the most oddest thing you’ve been asked for so far! We have had some strange things over the years lol!

    Wishing us all a very prosperous Christmas and a great New Year.

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