2021 Search for a Superstar Calendar & Diary Competition is now on!

2021 Search for a Superstar Calendar & Diary Competition is now on!

About the Project.

The Search for a Superstar project really is a heart and soul labour of love. From the starting point with the request for muses to the finished “Yes. Go to print” moment, Anna dedicates approximately 350 hours or over 43 days of scrolling, reading, selecting, drawing, painting, failing, succeeding, writing, emailing, formatting, scanning and proofreading. Her delight in announcing the chosen ones and adding some genuine happy to someone’s day truly is her primary motivation. The love, companionship and adoration which accompanies every potential superstar entry makes creating the calendars and diaries an honour not an everyday design task.

How to enter?

Post any number of dog or cat photos on the Little Dog’s Facebook page under the competition post or email them directly to studio@thelittledog.co.uk.

Action poses, photos full of personality and lots of detail about your furry loved ones are all big pluses.

This is one project where waxing lyrical about your gorgeous one will never be met by a stifled yawn. The more you tell Anna and send her greatly helps improve the odds of that random spark of inspiration which leads to a

“Yes, your furry one is a calendar superstar!”.

Your entries can be past or present and previous Superstar winners are more than welcome to attempt to regain their calendar month title.

Due to the popularity of this competition, responding in person to each individual email can prove difficult as the timescale on this project is very tight. Anna posts project updates via the news section on this website and on our Little Dog Facebook page but she will try her very best to respond to those who would like an acknowledgement that their email has been received.

Prize Details

And in return for your efforts, you will receive 3 complimentary copies of the 2021 calendar or diary your pet appears in plus a bespoke limited edition print. In addition, you will also receive complimentary samples of any product the design might subsequently appear on. These may include greeting cards, mint tins, coasters or textile gifts.

Below are just a few of the products Oscar the Golden Retriever aka Mr December 2019 has appeared on.

The closing date for entries is the 31st of March.

Email all submissions to studio@thelittledog.co.uk

with the subject heading Superstars 2021.

A great big THANK YOU in advance and good luck!



  1. I would love to enter my Springer Spaniel Dill. Trouble is, it’s going to be hard trying to sort some photos out, as I just can’t stop taking photos of him! I’m going to look for some now, thank you so much for the chance.

  2. Hi.
    I have sent in a number of photos of my lovely dogs,Tess & Alfie my dogs & Sassy my beautiful cat but I think I put them under the heading of calendar competition not Superstars 2021 which I have just seen!
    I hope you have received them,as I would be so disappointed if they haven’t been viewed.
    many thanks from a loyal follower of ‘the little dog laughed’.

    • Hello Kate, yes, don’t worry, every email gets viewed even with a different title. I’ve been organised this year and sent you all to an email address that is virtually spam free. I’m slightly behind already on the project but hopefully by mid April I’ll be announcing the winners. Many thanks for your interest, best wishes Anna Danielle

  3. I have posted a pic of my girl Lilo (the white blue eyed rescue cat with the flowers round her neck) on the Facebook page :)
    Do I need to email too ? Or will that be enough ?
    Thankyou :)

    • Hello Angela

      Yes your email will still go into the mix even with a different heading. Many thanks for taking the time to enter, kind regards Anna Danielle

  4. I’ve entered my photo of Doris , we were out a walk along the golf course in Dunbar which is on the east coast of Scotland we sat Doris in the wild flowers along the golf course

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