2021 Search for A Superstar Calendar & Diary Winners

2021 Search For A Superstar Diary Winners

Picture the scene, Rocky at the top of those Philly, Museum of Art steps, arms raised high in the air.

That’s ME when I finish this project. Actually, those steps are quite long. Probably more realistic to picture me climbing a couple of garden steps, with a celebratory cup of tea and a biscuit or 4!

I’ve said it many times before, my annual Search for A Superstar projects are a true labour of love. The big one in my designing year. And this year’s effort was no exception. 24 fresh, original artworks from real life furry muses, all completed against a backdrop of a pandemic, home schooling four children, comfort eating every 15 minutes and an obsession with the news! My ability to create and concentrate during this lockdown has been challenged like never before. The original deadline came and went, then came and went again.

However, I’m delighted to announce that finally the diaries are FINISHED!!!!

2021 is a wrap. Woohoo, high fives with my socially distanced self.

I just hope folks will actually get the chance to use them. Poor old 2020, redundant before it even got going.
On a positive note, the response to this years competition has been incredible. At the last count there was over 4000 photos, you completely spoilt me with choice and I loved it. A genuine thank you to everyone who has taken the time to share their furry superstars with me, so much love and happiness in every photo. A true tonic for the soul.

The 2021 Calendar

This year the 2021 calendar muses will differ slightly from the diary. The calendar has a shorter production time which means I have a couple more weeks to attempt to honour a few more of your furries waiting patiently in my Inspiration Folder!

And so, without further ado, here are your

2021 Dog & Cat Diary Winners

Heather Smith’s Bosie & Google

Bridie Power’s Finnley

Hayley Andrew’s Jim

Amy Hobson’s Macy

Charlotte Harneiss’ Elsa

Thalia Stayton’s Dylan

Liz Baker’s Lolly

Natasha Brush’s Loki

Deon Priestley’s Toulla

Leanne Jade’s Finnegan

Megan Simms’ Phoebe

Patricia Wilkinson’s Yoda, Caspar & Jabba

Alison Vaughan’s Doodle & Daisy

Jen Yeates’ Fleur

Marie Hughes’ Martha

Jo Hasse’ Munchkin

Jenet Halshaw’s Maggie

Jen Murray Cairns’ Pumpkin

Sharon Davey’s Leo

Alison Vaughan’s Doodle

Claire Baddeley’s Ted, Jasper, Oscar

Louise Bruce’s Skully

Tracy Yeoman’s Petal

Shirley’s Sox

What happens next?

To all of the winner’s owners. You’ve come to my attention via various routes, so can I cheekily ask that if you submitted your animal photos via Facebook, could you possibly email me at studio@thelittledog.co.uk Facebook introduced a new rule that means I can’t reply to you after 7 days of you posting your photos, which most of you kindly did back in March. If you can email me with your preferred postal address that would be an enormous admin help.

Each Superstar will receive three complimentary copies of whichever product, diary or calendar, they appear on. These are usually sent in September but this may be slightly delayed if the effects of the Covid-19 restrictions are still affecting supply lines. Winners will also receive a bespoke 10″ x 12″ print and are welcome to add their own personal caption to the artwork.

Thank you again to everyone who entered, this project would be NOTHING without you!

Right, I’m off to unlock my shoulders and walk my faithful boy who has kept me company everyday throughout this project.

Kindness and sanity wishes to you all, take care

Anna Danielle




  1. Anna Danielle – You are a trooper! Must have been very trying times for you, and probably will be for a long while yet. I have been trying to support small businesses and charities during these 3 months. I will be happy to place an order with you. It may only be small, as I am not a shop owner but if lots of people bought small, then that would end up big! I must say, the pictures for the new diaries/calendars are fabulous! Will certainly buy one. Take as long as you like to send my order. I am in no hurry.

    My every good wish to you – Ginette Graig and rescue kitties xx

    • Hello Ginette, what a kind message, glad you like the diaries. Now I’m a few weeks on from finishing it I can look back and smile, I even have some favourites which is impressive because I’m very critical with my efforts! Best wishes, Anna Danielle

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