The Little Dog Showroom

2020 The Show Must Go On!

Hands up, I did not foresee 2020 being the year my wheelie bin went out more than me.

It’s Week 13 and yesterday, non essential shops have been allowed to open. So to all you hard working, dedicated retailers who provide community spirit, conversation and company alongside cards, gifts, and maybe tea and a nice slice of cake, here’s wishing you lots of luck for the rest of the year. May your customers be plentiful, patient and above all else, kind.

The Little Dog Showroom Brand new for 2020

We have a bar, we have fresh coffee, we have homemade cake and we have a showroom that is perfect for viewing all our latest products and collections. We also have hand sanitisers, bleach buckets at every corner and enough space to do the socially distanced, to you to me shuffle!

What to do about the Autumn Trade Fair?

Right now, the future is looking rather unpredictable but we are working on the assumption that the Autumn Trade Fair will be cancelled. Therefore the question is, how would you like to see our Autumn offerings? We have our comprehensive brochure which we are always fine tuning to ensure it’s user friendly, and we can put together product sample boxes which could then be used for display. We can offer showroom appointments on days and times convenient to you which can include evenings and weekends. And of course we can load up our favourite agents with product and really make them work for their pennies!

A germ of an idea we wanted to run past you.

If we gathered our favourite fellow Card & Gift companies, we could easily display 10 companies at Little Dog Towers thus making your appointment Covid-19 safe and more time beneficial. Based in Derby, the centre of the universe, we are easily accessible from most areas of interest! We could run the mini exhibition for the whole of September and October and refreshments, chat and good cheer would be our pleasure.

It would be lovely to hear your thoughts and suggestions on any of the above.

Until then, may the  Gods dogs be ever in your favour!

Best wishes

Nathan, Anna and Gavin



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