A penny (10% discount code) for your thoughts!

Can I be super cheeky and ask for your opinions and feedback?

If you have time to respond to any of the following questions that would be a tremendous help and hopefully set us on a safer path for 2021.

You don’t have to answer them all, just any you have an opinion on! This format doesn’t allow you to answer underneath a question, you simply leave any comments you have in the comment box. No one will see your reply unless I click approve.


1. If you have ever browsed or purchased from our website

a) How was it for you?!

b) How could we make it better?

 c) Is there any category/gift line that you’d like to see more choices in?

d) On average, how often do you visit our website?

e) And what if anything prompts you to do so? eg: emails, social media, other?

For a while now we’ve been thinking about adding more choice to our website.

2.Would you like to see more from the crafters and designers we love?                                                                            Or is too much choice off putting?

If you do, are there any of the following you be more interested in?

a) Greeting cards and ranges for specific occassions

b) Handmade and One of a kind creations

c) Homewares

d) T-shirts & Hoodies

e) Pet Accessories & Treats

f) Original artwork and prints

g) Other?

Thank you very much for your time.

You very welcome to use this 10% offer code “feedback” which is valid until the 30th of November*.

Kindest regards

 Anna Danielle and Team Little Dog


*Sadly this offer code cannot be used in conjunction with any other code, it excludes One of a Kind creations and Sale items and it is not valid on trade orders BUT it does work on everything else!


  1. My calendar and diary are fabulous, and they came very quickly. I visit the website at least once a week, as I just love looking at the artwork alone and the humorous text that goes with it. Anna Danielle you are so talented! T Shirts would be good to add to your range. I could always buy a cat t shirt!

  2. Hello!
    Q1 – I have bought from your website a couple of times, it is easy to navigate & purchase items. My favourite things are the one offs, I bought a bag “sometimes only a dog hug will do”, & it was lovely knowing there was a limited edition, exclusive feel to these. I found out about this via your facebook page. Sometimes facebook is a bit sporadic in what it shows you, so an email would have been good too for a heads up. Having said that, what I like about your company is that you don’t bombard me with emails every day. I visit the site about 1 x week.

    Q2 – Handmade things are always cool but I would LOVE hoodies and fitted t shirts please, especially of my favourite designs, if you could choose e.g. the cat one “i don’t do small children”, “sometimes only a dog hug will do” (although for me, only a dog hug will do). Maybe a per cent could go to a dog charity?

    I think your designs are wonderful, they’ve brought me many smiles over the years. I never realised you can send you photos of your own dogs, so I might share some of my favourites if that would be ok, in the future.

  3. Definitely receiving your email prompts me to go to your site which is well organised and easy to navigate. If you sent me too many emails I would unsubcribe so via a monthly newsletter is perfect. I always like to see something novel, especially this time of year, little cute bits for stocking fillers are great (my kids are 27 & 28 but have pets and still get stockings from me 🙈😂)

  4. I can’t seem to answer any of the questions to leave a response. I discovered your brand in House of Marbles gift shop then came home a googled. Love your stuff. I have a beagle though and all I’ve found ( and bought) is the “I smell cat” nose under the gate.

  5. I especially love your springer/cocker spaniel items and the beach images. I love the funny captions on the dog cards and the fact that they are blank so they are versatile. I’d love to see more little products that can be bought as gifts eg tins with paperclips/erasers/ chocolates/hand gels/tissues/wipes/ highlighters/gel pens etc and maybe other gifts like candles/soaps. Obviously that would be tricky with so many designs but maybe stick to just a few designs that have been the most popular/funny. Personally I love the funny captions about dogs being greedy/cheeky and the ones depicting dogs enjoying freedom at the beach. Beach scenes always feel so uplifting when there’s a dog enjoying it! Dog walkers would also relate to getting wet/dirty on walks in this country! Spaniels will always have my heart…there’s just something about those puppy dog eyes.

  6. It’s always a pleasure to browse your site even if I’m not looking for anything specific and, when I am on the hunt, plenty of ideas. The colours and characters make me smile, so often can I relate to the wording and actions portrayed by the cats and dogs. I would like to see a few more Labradoodles included in the merchandise, a breed which appears to becoming more popular and is full of character, especially the one which belongs to friends! Keep up the good work, hang on in there, your updates are enjoyed and appreciated.

  7. I have bought your diary and calendar every year for many years. Also have mugs and cushion. Would love to see more dog cushions and bigger range of tea towels. Why do some things just disappear ie growing old cushion, doodle dash card ( would love to see this in a mug and other things) I also buy your products anytime I see them in shops. I found your web site many years ago from the back of a card that someone sent me. I have a rescued lurcher, 2 Australian labradoodles and a cockapoo grand dog. Your e mail prompts me to have a look each time to see what’s new and in the sale. From an admirer and customer in Northern Ireland

  8. Working down the line.
    I visit your website every time you send me an email. I find there is a lot to look at, it may be good to put digs in categories, ie Spaniels, terriers, Labrador’s etc, and group all items together, whatever they are.
    Would be nice to see more crafter and designer stuff, as they are obviously a very talented bunch.
    Sometimes too much choice is off putting, but if it’s grouped in categories dogs, cats, birds etc as the initial choices, you immediately go to the section you are most interested in , and then into the others .

  9. Hello LDL,

    I had some rambling comments but then realised you wish to publish these on your website so thought I’d better not. With or without my e-mail address or name attached I would not want my comments featured. Nothing negative. Do you have another means of accepting comments without putting them online?

  10. Answer 1. e although when I needed the calendars I was logging in almost daily. Sad but true.
    Answer 2. f. You’ve got it about right generally, but the chance to purchase more prints (never noticed this item on the website) would be good.

    Just don’t lose sight of the fact that you are primarily animal stationary with all that entails and you are very good at it.

  11. Q1 – I find the website easy to use and can move around quite easily. I usually only visit when prompted by an email or an advert on Facebook prompts me. I love the quality of everything I receive.
    Q2 – I’ve bought mugs and cards primarily, but also bought the calendar and diaries. I must admit to this irritating me, I placed an order for mugs, cards and calendar and spent approx £70 and of course paid postage and packing. A week later I was notified about the arrival of the diaries and placed an order and incurred further postal charges. No I understand you paid postage twice but I felt as though I should have received some sort penalty. Perhaps I should have waited and placed one order not two, but I was worried a) you’d run out of calendars, b) the diaries just wouldn’t arrive.

    • Hello Heidi, thank you for taking the time to leave a reply. I completely understand your annoyance at the diaries arriving so long after the calendars, we were at the mercy of Felixstowe Port which was having a container unloading and backlog nightmare. We always aim to have the calendars and diaries ready to launch at the same time but circumstances were against us this year which added to the long list of work woes. P&P is free on orders over £35 so I will try and find your past orders on the system and see what went wrong. Our system wouldn’t flag up that you’d placed two orders within a week and our quietly eagle eyed Ann in Dispatch, who would possibly have made a connection isn’t back up to full time hours as yet. The order comments box is the best place to leave a message and highlight an “irk” which we would certainly try our best to resolve. Once again, thank you for your message and comments, in good faith, Anna Danielle

  12. I absolutely love your site ! I have been so happy with everything, even the packaging . I still have my 1st box ! I have just about every Scruffy Love thing you have ! Hoodies and t-shirts would be great ! I also buy gifts for the special people in my life. I tend to pick a gift and then build an order around it. Shipping across the pond is so expensive, understandably . I am prompted to take a peak, by social media.
    I love your posts ! I feel good about buying such beautiful things from good people.

  13. 1.
    a. Yes, often browse and sometimes make purchases
    b. Sometimes the headings are confusing “Collections” etc. It would be good to have everything on one search option.
    c. Loved the “old shape mugs” – I love mugs but not keen on the current shape. Also, although your new calendars are lovely I did like the larger sized pictures on the earlier calendar. Maybe a larger A5 diary or similar would be an nice option.
    d. Monthly perhaps?
    e. Emails from you

    I’d be interested in a, b, c & e
    Don’t mean to leave negative comments – I adore your dog and cat drawings – the style is unique and love the humour. Personally I’m not as interested in the Boy Wonder range. Would love a Christmas card range possibly linked to an animal charity – even if it was a little more expensive.

  14. Having purchased 3 readymade pictures a few years ago which I loved from a well known store… I did some detective work and discovered where the prints were originally designed and found myself on your website. I immediately ordered 3 prints and have had them framed. They look great and look forward to ordering more soon for all my rooms!!
    I will be browsing the website for gift ideas too

  15. Dear LDL,
    I just love your products and especially the cat ones as that is what I have and a horse but you dont feature them at present!!!
    I used your site last year to purchase a diary and will again this year. Your site is fun and easy to follow and I am loving your news updates.

    With regards to new products, maybe t shirts/hoodies would be nice as well at art work.

    Thank you for your lovely products and I wish you all the best for the future.

  16. I have ordered some lovely mugs and magnets from you.

    Very easy to order and arrived quickly.

    Will be ordering more items.

    One of your mugs I use regularly for my morning coffee as it is lovely to drink from.

  17. Hi LDL
    Want to say I LOVE your stuff, (just been given Scruffy Love travel mug for wedding anniversary to add to our many other pieces!) Really wishing you all well and hoping you can keep going longterm in this crazy time.
    Comments: Love the website, sometimes bit slow? May be our end?
    Emails do prompt me to go to the site, also specific occasions I want to look for presents for.
    I’d love more homeware.
    I’d like to see more crafters and designers.
    Sending warmest wishes to you all xx
    PS our Border Terrier looked EXACTLY like the one on the Its Not Just Mud picture yesterday….

  18. I have always been very impressed with your website. I think the categories are great and make it very easy to find products. Your search bar works well. I have often searched for products by dog breed which seems to work. I most often use the ‘What’s new’ category as like to see the latest items. I browse the website quite often but my biggest prompt is usually email, although I occasionally check social media. My favourite products are the handmade ones and homeware products, for example new tea towel designs are irresistible as I always need new items like that. I love the practical shopper bags as they make great gifts too. I really like your sweet tins but I’d be more likely to buy them for storage if it was just a picture on top and didn’t say ‘travel sweets’. Anything that can double up as pretty storage is brilliant. The Douglas plush toy has been one of my favourite gifts to buy and you can never have too many notebooks (unless your me). Lavender hearts make a gorgeous handmade gift, either with a picture or just a nice fabric with a selection of little dog captions. Bandanas are quite popular in the way of dog accessories. The dog biscuit tins have been a dream. One of my other favourite products were your lead / coat hooks. I tend to shop the digs and manor designs. But I am a big little dog fan and would be lost without you xx

  19. It’s a great website, very easy to find what you’re looking for.
    Love the border terrier line! Have to be honest I only visit when prompted by an email or spotting something on social media.
    Would like to see more greetings cards, handmade items, pet accessories and treats. Anything with a border terrier and I’m happy!
    Just about to order the border terrier mints and some notepads to put in our little dinner table boxes for Christmas Day.

  20. I am absolutely thrilled with your gorgeous illustration of my ‘superstar’ Finnley and would love anything and everything with his face on. Some more home gifts for example a cushion or zipped pouch would be marvellous and any clothing such as a scarf would make a wonderful gift. I think it would be a lovely idea to expand the range of for pet products offered .

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