Coming soon

Coming soon

New ideas & gifts for the Autumn Fair Birmingham.

Now normally you need top level security to have a browse through this room but seeing as it’s you, and I’m on a diet, two mince pies and a box of lindor milk truffles (large) should ensure a blind eye.

It’s a busy old time here at Little Dog Towers. The Dispatch Department are working their little socks off to get all the trade and public orders out within the 5 day time frame. Martin the Warehouse Legend is run of his feet unloading stock deliveries and refilling the product shelves. The Office team, Gavin, Nathan, Amanda and new girl Katie are very much in the moment dealing with website failures, phone enquiries, courier issues and all those matters for those who like using the phone.

The Little Dog Laughed

For “the little dog laughed” we have brand new artwork and greeting cards to sit alongside some new designs in our china gift mugs and trinket tray ranges. And for sometime soon we are hoping to launch a new set of dog bowls and biscuit tins.


In house we are busy sewing and creating new fabric products for our handmade temptation section exclusive to our website.15036618_1513217938692929_8314770225814853967_n

Our most exciting new line at the moment are our “Sunday Best” dog coats. Anna has had enormous pleasure sourcing highly impractical fabrics and yummy buttons for doggy attire. Perfect for stepping out in style or visiting relations on Christmas Day but absolutely NOT for rolling in the mud.