Hugo the Cat – Mr February 2019

Mr February 2019

Introducing Hugo. Mr February 2019

A common characteristic of being a veterinary nurse is a houseful of loveable waifs and strays. Melissa Issacs is no exception and happily shares her home with six dogs and the very loving Mr Hugo. At just three months old Mr Hugo was found wandering down the middle of a busy high street, causing traffic chaos. He boldly introduced himself to all the Issacs residents making an immediate and life long friendship with Minty – a Spaniel/Labrador/Jack Russell X! Mr Hugo has adopted Melissa’s open house policy and often brings feline friends home for sleepovers. Having been harness trained from a kitten, he likes to join the gang for agility and camping weekends and adores riding in the van. 

Life is good for Mr Hugo at Chez Issacs!

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