About A Good Sign

The It’s A Good Sign Collection

The Good Sign Collection made it’s card debut at the Spring Fair Trade Fair 2017. And it came about in a most unintentional manner. Anna had settled down fully intending to go all old school with sepia washes and pen. A break from technology. No more Apple Mac. Just good, old fashioned paint. However, it seems the influence of Anna’s other collections was simply too strong to resist. Anna started with the artwork for Blake the Greyhound. When Blake was finished, the urge to add a nice flooring and a yummy wall colour proved impossible to ignore. Within 48hrs Anna had 12 new greeting card designs.

For Anna, artistically, this range sits neatly between Digs&Manor and Douglas The Boy Wonder.  A hybrid of the other doggy collections. However, it differs slightly in it’s use of captions which are more appropriate for typical card sending occasions such as birthdays and “just to say” moments.

 A bit of a fan of funny memes, Anna had great fun juxtaposing the wording with a dog looking and feeling exactly the opposite. Almost as if the animal had walked into the room, deliberately sat under the sign and challenged you to pay enough notice to spot the irony.












The Good Sign cards enjoyed a really positive debut at Spring Fair 2017. As a result, gift sampling has begun. So keep ’em peeled because all the signs so far are looking goooooood!