The Little Dog Story

The Little Dog Story

Chapter One – Humble beginnings

story-annaOnce upon a time, way back in 1998 there was a little dog that liked to laugh and his name was Jack. He was the original scruffy mutt and lived with a girl called Anna Danielle. She was trained as a printed textiles designer but had a passion for illustration and so started her business from the spare bedroom.

story-joJack provided the ideas and humour with Anna drawing and making the cards. All ran peacefully, if somewhat slowly, until tragedy struck and the little dog passed away. All who had known him felt a terrible sadness but the world continued to turn and the little dog, having lived life to the full would have wanted his loved ones to be happy.

story-daisySo in the summer of 2001 Anna was joined by Jo, who had a degree in Tourism and Marketing and a cunning knack for ceramic mice making. Friends from the age of five, their chalk and cheese friendship combined common sense, order and neatness in the compact package that is Little Jo and artistic flair, determination and untold amounts of chaos and mess that is Anna Danielle. Added to this mix was Daisy B, a treasure of a mongrel who although rarely laughed continued to inspire and dominate the workplace. The three girls worked long and hard for two years, building the card collections, learning from their mistakes, facing the highs and lows of running a small business and quietly making a success of it.

story-gavHowever, it soon became apparent that there was only so much two girls and one dog could achieve in a working week and a third person was needed, someone who could bring some business experience and much needed structure to the company.

This came in the form of Gavin, Anna’s big brother. Having already provided many of the ideas and captions for the cards, Gavin left a managing directors job at a building company and quit the brick race to put his superior humour to better use.

And this is how you find them today, immersed in cards, bursting with ambition and determined to provide products that make you smile. To do this is an honest, reliable and friendly way is their ultimate goal.

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