Here at The Little Dog Laughed, we are constantly striving to improve our eco-sustainability efforts. 

Knowing how important sustainable shopping should be for the sake of the planet we all share, we try our best to provide eco-friendly options for both our trade and website customers. We are only a little way into our eco-friendly journey and the road ahead is long but we are determined to keep pushing ourselves to improve.

Sustainable Products 

All of our greeting cards have always been created using forestry sustainable paper meaning new trees are constantly being grown to offset those that are used for paper.  We consciously avoid all special finishes such as gloss and glitter so that our greeting cards can be easily recycled. Our calendars are also printed to the same practices. 

We supply all of our website customers with “naked” greeting cards (free from single-use cellophane) to further reduce packaging waste and offer our trade customers the same option. The demand for cellophane-free packaging on greeting cards is currently consumer-led and we are hoping that with innovation and compromise on all sides, as an industry we can easily reach this goal.

We have always printed our greeting cards and calendars here in the UK with a local printing company called Print4, this helps us reduce our carbon footprint. We particularly admire Print4 for its commitment to improving its business green credentials and practices and are very grateful that they pass these greener options and knowledge onto us.

Reusable gifts

Usefulness and practicality are very much at the forefront of our minds when creating new products to add to our collections and these considerations top trump any quick-sell, single-use ideas. We love creating gifts that can be used again and help reduce waste. Our mint tins are perfect for up-cycling into a bits and bobs tin or a pocket-sized pill/tablet holder.

This year we have designed a desk calendar that features a clipboard with the hope that it will be refilled and used again the following year or maybe reused as a quirky way to display a favourite card or artwork. More uses less waste is one of our primary design aims.


Our sustainable ethos 

As well as making sustainable choices when it comes to our products, we have also focused on making Little Dog Towers greener! Our buildings are equipped with sensory lights to reduce our energy use and we’ve almost completed the switch in our Dispatch area to using 100% recycled and biodegradable packaging. Within our urban-based business, we have created a little nature space for birds, wildlife and our team to enjoy whilst working and we have added secure bike areas for those wishing to cycle to work rather than drive.

These are our first small steps of genuine intention that will hopefully become great strides as our knowledge and access to greener options increase.


Find out more about our products

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