The Little Dog Story

The Little Dog Story

Chapter Two – All about the boys

story-nathanThe Little Dog Story.  Just as the three girls had settled down to the idea of a “boy” about the place they were joined by two more. The young pups in question were no strangers to the Little Dog studios but in September 2003 they officially joined the team.

The handsome, whippersnapper Nathan is Anna and Gavin’s baby brother! Having graduated with a first class honours in Construction Management, Nathan opted for a complete change in direction. He now applies his charm and good humour to ensuring orders and stock control run smoothly and the work place is a happy one.

story-smiffySmiffy on the other hand creates noise and chaos. He is Gavin’s Jack Russell. The busiest little dog with bags of heart but very little brain. He spends his day inspecting visitors and generally overseeing all aspects of the working day.

The business has steadily grown and the personality mix is a good one. The five-day turn around keeps everyone on their toes and technological advancements continue to create headaches and bafflement, however the aim remains the same “to be better than the best”.

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