About The Classics

The Classics

A long time ago in a lifetime far far away – actually I’m fibbing! It feels like only yesterday when I drew You fetch it, Skinny Dog and Tricks! The first of my designs from the Scruffy Mutts Collection.  They still get mentioned to me two decades later by the kind folks who bought my cards at the very start of all things Little Dog.  The Classics, as we now refer to them began life as handmade calico greeting cards. I sketched my drawings, photocopied them and then used a car paint thinner to transfer the photocopy ink onto calico fabric. Then I used a black fabric paint to give the sketch a washed tonal look. It was then a case of heat sealing it with an iron, lots of gluing and sticking and voila, a rather heavy, fabric fronted handmade greeting card was ready for market.


Unfortunately I do not have any imagery of these early creations but I do have permanent nerve damage in my left shoulder (which is a sweet painful reminder of those early days) whenever I assume the gluing and sticking position!     

And so to print

These charcoal washed sketches did well within a gallery setting.  For the commercial world of greeting cards the cry for colour was deafening.  It soon became apparent that printing the cards was the next step. I had the misfortune to come across a very bad printing company in the early days.  Then two others that didn’t believe a young female with a handful of card designs was worthy of their care, support and the standard printing rate.

It was a case of 4th time lucky and so to Print4 Ltd of Nottingham, 20 years and a guesstimate of well over 2 million cards later. I thank you. Truly.

This print company has held my hand all the way, allowed me to press pass for colour, taught me how to format my designs on the computer and much more besides. An excellent company I would recommend to anyone, starting out or established. Ask for Matt!  

Growing Old Together is one of my personal favourite designs which has become part of The Classics and it has a lovely story behind it.

If you have 5 minutes to spare, it might just warm the cockles of your heart! Read more