2015 Calendars & Diaries

2015 Calendars & Diaries

2015 Calendars & Diaries .  My calendar and diary offerings for 2015 are a true labour of love. The easy bit is announcing via our website and Facebook page that the competition is open for entries.

The lovely bit is receiving a flood of emails filled with heartwarming, funny aneqdotes and brilliant pictures from our diehard little dog fans.

The awkard bit is selecting 24 muses from over 300 possibles, I hate letting people down.

The stressful part is completing the artwork in the time limit which even when I set aside a whole month always gets cut down to, at best, 12 days.

The hideous part is dealing with China and the diary production. Errors in the files supplied which despite numerous requests to have it checked upon reciept do not get highlighted until weeks later which leaves us at the 11th hour when panic kicks in as the stock delivery dates get pushed further and further back.

The annoying part is my inability to file owners, pictures, email addresses and Facebook links in a system that doesn’t take over 3 days to track everybody down to let them know they are a 2015 Superstar.

The bonus part is a lovely virtual friend from Facebook who is a self confessed grammar queen (it’s her job) who has kindly proof read all the text making this year’s offerings error free which will hopefully make up for any of the artwork you dont like!

So there you have it, a brief account on the creation of a our 2015 calendar and diaries which I hope will see you safely through another year when we can do it all over again!

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