Search for a Calendar Superstar 2018

2018’s search for a calendar superstar is now ON!.

Can you believe it’s that time of year again? I can’t tell you what it does to my scatty brain to be focused on the following year for at least four months of the current year! Despite this I’m super excited to get cracking on 2018’s offerings. Say what you will about Facebook and social media, (and believe me I was a steadfast sceptic who refused to show my lunch) this form of communication has been fundermental in rebooting my enthusiasm for drawing. The inspiration, photos, anecdotes and opinions instantly supplied by all those who loyally follow my work and The Little Dog’s page means I am spoilt for choice on who to draw and paint.

I’m hoping this year will be the best to date. We celebrate our 20th year in business in  February 2018 (who knew eh!) so I’d love to make it a cracker. Twenty four new artworks, interesting stories and ZERO typo errors. I’m going to get a grammar guru in. You did me proud with 2017’s offerings, again we ordered more copies and again you ensured it sold out. So as always, thank you xxx.

And for clues as to what I’m looking for?

Well variety is always the key. Action poses, photos full of personality, lots of detail about your furry loved ones. This is one project where waxing lyrical about your gorgeous one will never be met by a stifled yawn. The more you tell me and send me greatly helps improve the odds of that random spark of inspiration which leads to a “Yes, your furry one is a calendar superstar!”.














Your entries can be past or present and previous Superstar winners are more than welcome to attempt to retain their calendar month title.

And in return for your efforts you will receive 3 complimentary copies of the 2018 calendar & diary plus a bespoke limited edition print and samples of any product the design might subsequently appear on.

The closing date for entries is the 22nd of May.

Email all submissions to me at with the subject heading Superstars 2018.

A great big THANK YOU in advance,

best wishes

Anna Danielle


  1. Looking forward to having a go in the competition. Just fyi – forgive me I’m a subeditor by trade – but you have a mistake above – it says ‘The closing date for entires’ rather than ‘entries’!

  2. Dear Anna,
    Will definitely enter our former rescue cat – we now live in France, will we be eligible? Regarding typos, I’m a former sub-editor on The Times and would be delighted to help you eradicate the little blighters!

  3. I would like a copy off your catalogue please.
    I’ve sent you an email with a picture off my dog hopefully she will maybe make it in ur Callander x

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