20 years on and STILL smiling!

On a ridiculously cold November morning we dragged our whole team away from their desks to shoot them – the reason for this had nothing to do with someone eating all the biscuits.

It was done to gain a handful of useable photos to mark the occasion of a very special number! We are very proud to be celebrating our 20th anniversary this February.

From the humble origins of one girl and her dog working from the spare room, Anna Danielle had no idea her greeting card creations would form the bedrock of the business that currently employs a talented team of eleven.

The Little Dog Laughed style has taken many directions during the last two decades.

Presently it is home to three original brands created by Anna. Alongside the dog and cat collections sits Rufus Rabbit. A beautifully packaged mummy and baby gift range which is now six years old.

Rufus was delighted to be honoured with a Gift of the Year 2017 award in the nursery category, pipping the legendary all-time favourite Peter Rabbit to the top spot!

Their third brand is Douglas The Boy Wonder. Only a year old Douglas is a contemporary gift and accessories collection based around an antique toy dog who is missing his wheels but not his zest for new adventures.

Today the Little Dog is owned and run by a sibling trio. Their working relationship is very special with each of them bringing an essential talent to the mix.

Brothers Gavin and Nathan both started their working lives in building and construction as site managers. It was these transferable skills that took Anna’s sole trader efforts to the next level.  Funny front man and older brother Gavin took over the running of the business while practical, logical, younger brother Nathan is the reason every sales promise becomes a reality. 

All three agree that having enjoyed some highs, many lows and quite a lot of  plain old everyday slog, the company ethos remains the same today as it did all those moons ago. “To create cards and gifts that add a smile to your day. Do this in an honest, reliable, friendly way, never putting profit above quality and fairness.” Simple.

When asked about the Little Dog’s success Anna replied “I think being genuine in everything we do has played a large part in our longevity. From the love for the animals I draw, to the pride the whole team takes in a job well done. The Little Dog Laughed has a fan club that is as loyal as our subject matter. People wouldn’t continue to buy our products or embrace new collections if our passion for quality, design and animals wasn’t genuine”.

Although twenty years can clearly be seen and heard in the deep laughter lines, extra belt notches and groans when getting up from a chair, they are still full of bounce when it comes to the future.

Gavin declared “We never take anything for granted and there is still a great deal to achieve. This 20th anniversary is a time to reflect on where we have been and where we want to go. It is also a chance to say a heartfelt thank you to all those who have bought from the Little Dog or chosen us as one of their suppliers over the years. Fingers crossed we’ll be around to tempt you with new collections and original ideas for many more to come!”

Introducing Team Little Dog by their posh titles.



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