And it goes a little something like this . . .

A sibling business meeting at the little dog laughed goes a little something like this…

The ideas one (on the right) says;
“What about taking on a short-term shop lease in the run-up to Christmas? It’s the same cost as exhibiting for 4 days at Crufts. “

And the practical, logical one (on the left) says;
“We have no time, no budget, no manpower and we are in the middle of a major office renovation. And it’s our busiest time of year. It’s a no from me.”

And the artistic one (in the middle) thinks this could be the inspirational spark she’s really needed for a long time and so she says;
“We could do this AND we could do that AND it could look like this AND it could be a tiny little haven of loveliness!
And. And. And yes we’ll be lucky to break even.
And yes we have absolutely no time to take on something else …
But what if something new and unexpected and wonderful comes from it?

It’s a please can we from me.”

A split vote means Mr Ideas makes the final decision.

We get the keys tomorrow

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