2020 Calendar and Diary Superstars – The Winners


Before I announce the calendar and diary winners I need to say that if you don’t see your fur baby here, fear not, there is much MUCH more to come. The diary is away at the printers, the calendar is awaiting it’s text entries and I am about to start some brand new greeting card designs for what is now known as my classic range (the rectangle card shape).

Many of you sent me photos that were perfect for my other style and as my aim this year is to be prolific I’m hoping to surprise a few more of you before the summer is out. And a special mention to those of you with long pointy nose dogs, I’m working towards a bit of an art exhibition here in September/October and lurchers and greyhounds are definitely high up the inspiration list thanks to the awesome images you sent in. I have been truly spoilt this year, so thank you one and all.

The Criteria

Variety of breed, mix of composition, the month it will appear in, those that make me laugh, those that make me cry all factor in my final choice of muse. Often it comes down to whether I can draw on the day and more than once within the project time frame I get well and truly beaten.

Depending on the detail, each design takes between 4 and 6 hours. For the dogs placed within the room setting, I use my basic apple mac skills to add the flat backgrounds and then the caption game begins which everyone at Little Dog Towers enjoys (in a mickey taking, is that your best effort kinda way!)

Right, I’ve waffled on for long enough, and so, without further ado. Here are your DOG 2020 Superstars, I hope you like them.


Masters January –  Jack and Duncan – Kim MacDonald


Miss February –  Lola  – Tracey Whitehead



Miss March  –  Phoebe – Victoria Leever



Miss April  –  Dorothy  – Ellie Sidders



Mr May –  Bertie – Chantelle Elson


Miss June  –  Florence – Bethan Crisfield


Miss July  –  Tilly  – Tina Torres



Mr August –  Jack  – Emma O’Hare



Miss September  –  Bella  – Alison Vaughan



Mr October –  Rodney  – Sara Marlow



Misses November –  Bella & Kiki – Kelly Wadman


Masters December –  Ruben and Dandelion – Christine Lord


All being well, the diaries and calendars will be in stock at the beginning of September



 2020 sees a return to the original layout for the dog calendar and UK notable dates will be added to the date boxes.



And here are your Cat 2020 Superstars! Enjoy xxx


Mr January –  Igor  – Jackie Nicholas


Miss February  –  Minnie  – Sam Watt


Masters March  –  Mortimer and Huxley  – Bryony Walton



Miss April  –  Morgan – Denise Kirby


The Mays –  Piccolo and Roxy – Tracy Stevenson



Mr June –  Wallace – Melissa Watt


Mr July  –  Tig  – Roxanne Armitage

Mr August  –  Sammy – David Proudfoot



Mr September –  Boris – Paul and Tina White



Masters October – Chester and Rufus –  Anna


Mr November  –  Sam  – Linzi


 Masters Dec  –  Dandelion with Ruben – Christine Lord


I’ve used this design in both dog and cat calendars and diaries for December, not because I was being lazy but because I think it’s a perfect reminder for peace and goodwill to all.


The cat calendar front cover and layout for 2020.


The 2020 cat diary visual

Once again, my sincere gratitude to all of you who took them time to share your furry loved ones with me.

This project is always a labour of love with my primary hope being that it adds a smile to you day as you work your way through the year!

Best wishes Anna Danielle





    • Hello Alison. Our calendars and diaries are due in stock the week commencing the 15th of September. We’ll let people know they are available via our social media platforms, emails and this website. Thank you very much for your interest. Kind regards, Anna Danielle

    • Hello Diana, thank you for your enquire and sorry for the delay in replying. We only have one stockist in Dorset. Symondsbury Estate Store, Mill Lane, Bridport, DT6 6HG. The calendars are £11 each and are now in stock and available on our website. Kind regards, Anna Danielle

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