Corona v’s The Little Dog. The story so far …

Corona v’s The Little Dog

The Story So Far

The battle to date has been brutal with Covid-19 dominating all areas. Within ten days all trade orders have been cancelled and Team Little Dog significantly depleted with self isolation. Covid-19 looks invincible against a Little Dog brought to it’s knees.

But wait, what’s this, somehow The Little Dog is getting back up!

Government intervention means staff can be paid in the short term, mortgage holidays have been applied for and building rents deferred. It’s not a guarantee but there is a slim chance it will keep them in the fight. And where there is hope, there is the courage to go on.

Online website orders, the last outlet for this little card and gift company to play its part and soldier on.

Not a front line, essential life saving part. Not a food in the belly part. Not a water or warmth providing part. Not a crowd control, one in one out, rationing part.

The only thing the Little Dog can offer right now is a morale lifting role.

With people isolated from their friends and family, high risk groups having to quarantine themselves for 12 weeks or more, never before has a phone call, text message or card sent through the post been more important in helping break up the long days and weeks ahead.

A card from grandchildren describing the best bits of their day or a message of “How you doing, can you believe it ?” goes a long way to help keep spirits up. No one wants to be forgotten and putting pen to paper says even more than the words you chose to write.

And so, whilst the postal service and courier companies continue to operate and the team remain symptom free, the Little Dog will battle on. Dividing the day into blocks of three hours ensures no team member comes into contact with each other. Little Dog Towers is located in the back end of beyond, previously a draw back but now an unexpected positive. We interact with nobody!

A stringent safety cleansing routine, to the point of obsessive, is firmly in place and the rest of the team are working from home. This will of course affect the speed in which we can process your order, but process it we will.

We can add any personal message to a gift item, present it beautifully and send it direct to your friend or loved one. If you need us, we are here to help, for as long as circumstances allow.

There is a very high chance the Little Dog will be on the Covid-19 casualty list at the end of this battle but to go out delivering smiles and small gifts of joy to the bitter end will be a small business life well lived.

Stay safe and sane peoples. Thank you as always for your loyalty over the years, it’s been an amazing ride.

 With love from Anna, Gavin, Nathan and the Team



  1. Fingers crossed ,& I really hope kittle dog does not become a casualty of this virus,I have bought things from you (beautiful at that ,recommend you to friends,your company gives smiles etc,again fingers crossed &you all stay safe x

    • Thank you Lorraine, I have been bowled over by all the kind messages, honestly, never really knew that anyone read my posts!!! So nice of people to take the time, made such a difference to our week. Take care and thanks again, Anna xxx

  2. Your email with dog pictures was very uplifting.
    I do hope you can continue in business forever, despite this hopefully short term blip which is very worrying to us all.
    Thank you for your cheerful message.
    Can I still place an order if wished?
    Hope so , Cheers,and best wishes to you all,

  3. Thank you so much your message I love your Magnificent Moggies Calendars and all things cats. I am so sorry to hear of your predicament and hope you will be able to continue in a smaller scale way until this virus is curtained and we can go about our usual lives. Please keep safe and thankyou once again for all the entertainment your MMs have given me over the years.

    • Hello Clare, thank you for your lovely message, brought us some unexpected cheer which did more good than anyone will ever know. Take care and thank you again, Anna

  4. Our furry friends are valuable all the time but their personalities help lift our spirits when we’re struggling. Thanks to the team at Little Dog Laughed for capturing their antics and providing us with a smile……hopefully for many years to come.

  5. oh how lovely to get your e-mail with all those Georges pictures of our favourite 4 legged friends.Made me cry, your message is heart warming . My pets are the only thing keeping me sane right now.

    Thank you so much. You all stay Safe

  6. Such caring & positive comments 🥰 Hoping you hang in there, your products are so wonderful & do indeed lift the spirits & put smiles on faces. We all need to stay positive & help each other and you the small businesses.
    Take care Little Dog Team & see you at the other end of this

  7. I do hope you can carry on and this dreadful situation does not cast a dark shadow over your business. The best of luck and loads of good wishes xx

  8. My heart goes out to you and all in your position I always have lots of daft dog cards which I’ve been sending out especially for birthdays up to sept incase the post gets cut for cards etc The Rolo card is very apt at the moment everyone’s been getting that one I don’t need any more at the moment and daren’t overstretch us but I will say my gentle Jesus with Millie tonight for your survival as you have brought me much joy in the past Good luck and be safe all of your

  9. Many thanks for your lovely message & I hope you’re wrong about being on the casualty list.
    This is such a terrible time for everyone & I admire your spirit in fighting back.
    Hubby is recovering from a femoral artery bypass at home having been discharged after only 5 days with a leg full of over 30 staples & no pain relief. Got that sorted now one way or another & full of admiration for the NHS.
    I may go online later & order something from you, I have a few things I should be doing but feel in a sort of limbo.
    Very best wishes & love to you all
    Annie xxx

    • Oh my goodness Annie, that sounds horrendous, no wonder you are in limbo. Wishing your partner a speedy recovery and you the strength to play Florence! Thank you for your kind message, I wasn’t expecting any reactions so it’s been an uplifting surprise to read so many. Fingers crossed for the future! Stay safe and sane, best wishes, Anna Danielle

  10. Dear Little Dog laughed,keep strong!You have brought such love and laughter to everyone and will continue to do so.The Brits keep going whatever is thrown at them and we will keep going now.All things pass and it makes us stronger and more determined so…dont give up…ever!!We need you in our lives for many years to come.We will not give up or give in and neither should you.Good luck and God bless.Love and hugs,Sue

  11. Thanks for this email. You are right, we can still send cards to friends who are home alone, with or without a precious pet.
    Keep going Little Dog family. Keep safe and God bless,

  12. The Little Dog is sooo brave! I do hope that you are not a victim of this awful situation and thank you for everything you have produced in the past.
    I will pray that should the worst happen there will be a future outlet for the beautiful art work that might be available to all your fans or if not, locally.
    Fingers crossed and bravo!

    • Hello Mandy, thank you for your lovely message, it has lifted my spirits greatly. Take care and stay sane, best wishes Anna Danielle

  13. Hi….I have been a customer since 2016 and have always loved your merchandise and excellent customer service. I am SO sorry to hear that you are suffering, like so many others, in these awful, horribly frightening times..
    I do hope that you weather the storm and I have placed a little order to show my support…if all your loyal customers could possibly do the same, hopefully it would help you through.
    I wish you and your staff to all stay healthy and well and that we continue to do business for many, many years to come.

    Thank you.
    Kind regards

  14. I’m really devastated that this could be the (second) last message I may get from you.
    I’m a personal, ” now and again” shopper and I love getting your updates. It goes without saying that I am a dog lover and relate to all the illustrations over many, many years of dog ownership. My orders are always received beautifully packed and l really look forward to receiving them.
    I hope you survive this terrible time but if not, thank you all so much for all the joy and smiles you have given me and, I am sure, many others.

  15. Well done you! Every dog deserves it’s day! The little dog who laughed will no doubt laugh last! Even in hard times you and your team are attempting to do your part! Lifting the spirits of the nation, keeping hope alive is as essential as food in your belly, it’s food for the most powerful part of each of us, the soul! God be with you all.

  16. Dear Little Dog team,

    Just wanted to send you a message of support during this difficult time. I have enjoyed buying your thoughtful, unique, high quality gifts for years and the annual calendar has become a staple in our household.

    We adore your products and hope that you will be able to pull through and come out the other side with the help of your loyal customers, of which I am one. I ordered some
    gifts in the online shop today for me and my family to cheer ourselves up during this crisis.

    With best wishes and warmest regards,


    • Hello Caroline, thank you so much for your kind message, I really wasn’t expecting anyone to reply so have been a bit blown away by all the lovely comments. Stay safe and sane, best wishes, Anna Danielle

  17. Love all of your truly remarkable gifts, you always hav3 the right things to say about our lovely dogs, cats and other pets.

    Stay safe and I hope you come through this with flying colours

    Love to all staff – Pat Sheehan xxx

  18. If a sense of humour, hard work, determination, vision, charisma, kindness, a sense of FairPlay, morals, the ability to be able to split yourselves into a 100 halves, oh and being able to draw a bit doesn’t allow this fabulous small business to survive, then the world has become a darker place. But hope springs eternal & I think you’ll be back.
    Love ya 💕💕

  19. Read your piece with interest and commend your spirit! It would be a great shame to lose you, will place an order soon. Good luck and stay well.

  20. Thank you for being there at this time your gifts and cards are a great blessing. I pray that you will survive and come out even stronger on the other side. Your company gives me lots of joy.

  21. Will miss you so hope you can continue trading when this crisis is over.
    Am placing an order this evening to help.
    Most importantly, stay safe

  22. I’m so sorry that things have come to this. You have given great pleasure to me and, I’m sure, to many others. I sincerely hope that you are able to survive this crisis and send my very best wishes and thanks.

  23. I live in Australia & have ordered from you so many times. “the little dog laughed” is a one of a kind. So many people have gotten pleasure from a card I give them or other beautiful little gifts from your business. I am an avid animal lover, especially dogs. The love & care that goes into each piece of your gifts stands out. I truely hope you won’t disappear after this, however, I do understand. You have such talent & you will be truely missed. I will live in hope that you will still be there on the otherside. Thank you for all of beautiful work with the quirks & perks. Please take care.

    • Hello down there, hope you’re holding up okay. Thank you for such a kind message, so heartwarming to read your words. We are plodding on and as they say, what will be will be. So many other people in real need. Hope you are finding lots of silver linings to focus on, thanks again for your kindness, best wishes Anna

  24. Hello – I just wanted to wish everyone at Little Dog all the best, and I really hope you will make it through this.

    Lots of love,

  25. Hi!
    Just to say a huge thank you for my parcel that arrived today, and I only ordered it yesterday, brilliant service and fabulous gifts and cards!

    Good luck for the future. I have all my fingers crossed for you all.

    Take care and stay safe!

  26. Hello Anna !

    I am absolutely devastated to hear ‘ Little Dog ‘ may not survive this pandemic !!
    I have bought many cards and other items from you over the past few years and they are all beautiful !! You are such a talented artist and to use this gift to make others smile is nothing short of ( I can’t even think of a suitable word ! ) amazing, perhaps ?? I just cannot imagine ‘ Little Dog ‘ not being here anymore and pray that you WILL get through this. Thinking of you ALL at this horrendous time and sending my thanks and warmest wishes. Stay safe and well !

    • Hello Isobel, what a lovely and kind comment to leave. Thank you. We are plodding on here, in a one in, clean down, one out kind of way! The website orders are helping us to chip away at the money we owe to our suppliers and printers, which is a godsend. Businesses like us are in a payment chain, a bit like a house sale chain, and our survival will depend largely on how important we are to the outlets that stock us. Unfortunately, apart from the furlough scheme, we do not qualify for any other government help as we are classed as wholesalers not retail. Hey ho, crazy times. There are so many of us in the same boat that all we can do is wait and see how the world looks after lockdown and take it from there. Thanks again for your kindness and all the very best to you and yours xxx

  27. Here we are , nearly at the end of Lockdown & the Little Dog is still going! I don’t know how strong a team you are at present, hopefully of the same strength you were when you started this mad journey. But you are nearly there & you are surviving, just about I would imagine.
    I have passed your name to soo many people & just hope they have been encouraged by the cards I sent to have a look & perhaps buy for themselves.
    We need small business like yours to survive because you are the seedlings , if you like, from which other & bigger things grow. Good luck going forward xxxx

    • Hello Judith, thank you so much for your kind comment and support. We are plodding on here. The website orders are keeping us going and helping to chip away at the money owed to our suppliers and printers, which is a godsend. Businesses like us are in a payment chain, a bit like a house sale chain, and our survival will depend largely on how important we are to the outlets that stock our cards.Hey ho, crazy times. There are so many in the same boat that all we can do is hope for the best and see how the world looks when lockdown eases. Thank you again for your thoughtfulness, people have been so kind, a true silver lining! Take care, Anna Danielle

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