The Little Dog’s Dog Tea Party

“The secret my little Nugget is to surround yourself with people who make your heart smile, then and only then will you find Wonderland” Lewis Carole

 Chester aka Cheznuts aka Nugget, the furry great one at Little Dog Towers, felt that what the world needed right now was a bit of a” pick me up” so he decided to throw a little tea party


He dressed the table, prepared the canapés, sent out the invites and waited for his guests to arrive.

They came, they sniffed, they ate, they drank, they partyeeeeed!

104 cocktail sausages, 11 dogs and only a couple of scent marking moments later it was over.

Thankfully some bright spark decided to film it for posterity. So, if you have 2 minutes to spare and are in need of a smile, this one is for you. Enjoy xxx

Click here!

The Little Dog’s Dog Tea Party

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