Love in Loobooroo | A visit to Dogs Trust Loughborough

Love in Loobooroo | Dogs Trust Loughborough

The icing on the cake would have been a pen full of puppies to cuddle (and sniff) and believe you me, it was high on the wish list during our partnership talks with Dogs Trust. However, Mother Nature doesn’t take puppy requests from anyone! To be honest, our visit to the Loughborough Dogs Trust centre didn’t need any icing. We came away from our book meeting and centre tour with our minds buzzing and our hearts and souls reset. I expected a busy brain but the feeling of serenity and hope was a much appreciated and welcomed surprise.

As part of our partnership with Dogs Trust and the creation of the illustrated gift book – A Dog’s Life ( featuring 50 Dogs Trust true rescue tales) we were invited to take a closer look at how their rehoming centre operates on a day to day basis.Of the twenty-two Dogs Trust rehoming centres based around Britain and Northern Ireland, Loughborough was our nearest location. Set in the rural Leicestershire countryside, it is a peaceful, spacious and very calm environment. Our guide for the day was Media Manager, Heather, a font of knowledge and kindness. There were so many take aways from our visit – none four legged though, but it was close!  If you get a moment, search for Arthur and Merry on the Dogs Trust Loughborough website and while you are there, have a quick look at Marshmallow and do check to see if Squid is still a hopeful.

About the rehoming centre

Loughborough has three large kennel units. The first is for dogs who are ready for rehoming and looking for the perfect human or family to match with their personality and needs. The second cares for those who require more attention, be that behavioural work, veterinary care, confidence building or reintegration. And the third cares for dogs that have little faith left in humanity.  Quiet, daily care and the passage of time is as much as they want or can cope with.

I wrongly believed that lengthy kennel time was ultimately detrimental for dogs and obviously in most cases, the quicker a dog is re-homed, the better. However, our visit made me realise that sometimes a rehoming centre is the kindest, safest and happiest place for a dog. Being with Dogs Trust staff and volunteers, to live out their life in peace, is the greatest stroke of good fortune they could wish for.

Dogs Trust relies greatly on an army of amazing volunteers who do everything from fund raising, fostering, dog walking and even running the laundry room, one which is full of washing machines operating day and night.  The military style efficiency of each rescue dog’s dietary requirements is very impressive. Every dog has a tailored food and exercise regime to best suit their needs and  recovery.                                                                               

The overwhelming feeling from our visit was one of hope, created by witnessing the genuine level of love and care these rescue dogs receive. Whatever each animal requires they receive, be it human interaction, health care or time in the Dogs Trust home. This is complete home setting created to build up their confidence and learn new behaviours. It gently exposes them to the unfamiliar sounds and smells of indoor living.

My favourite area

As you may expect, the centre has various outdoor exercise areas, spaces to run, sniff, dig and play. They also have an outdoor rehabilitation area. A peaceful space where dogs can exist, away from the hustle and bustle of humans, to simply just be. If that area could be linked to a live webcam, I think folks would benefit greatly from tuning in and absorbing the peace and serenity that instantly washes over you as you watch the dogs resting.

There are numerous reasons a dog might end up at a rescue centre. Not all are strays or victims of maltreatment. Some arrive into Dogs Trust’s care due to bereavement. Others from owners escaping domestic abuse, some from accidental pregnancies. The situations are as varied as the variety of dog breeds in the world. Thankfully, the good news is that life instantly gets better once they are rescued by Dogs Trust.

I have only scratched the surface on what we saw and learned from our visit that day. By the time we said our goodbyes I knew I’d be a lifelong fan of Dogs Trust.

I came away wondering if we followed the Dogs Trust model and applied the same principles to all areas of our society, would our world be a kinder place, for humans and animals?

I do believe so.

P.s  Want to see more? Take a video tour and discover the how’s and why’s of Anna’s rescue dogs book project. Go on, treat yourself to 4 minutes of furry feel good rescue discovery!



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