Evie the Tabby – Miss April 2019

Miss April 2019

Introducing Evie. Miss April 2019

Known as Evie, Stevie, Fifi, Thief, Floof, Floofy and Fluffybum, this little cat had to battle hard to make it to an age where her owner could bestow so many loving name titles to her furry being. Kayleigh was adopting a kitten for her Uncle when a loud yowl grabbed her attention. A skinny, matted kitten would have stared up at her, if her eyes hadn’t been completely glued shut with puss. Needless to say, Kayleigh adopted both sisters! Severe tummy problems meant Evie wasn’t absorbing any nutrients and twice Kayleigh thought she’d lose her.Yet with love and perseverance, Evie has grown into a funny, loving, talkative cat who without fail can work her way onto a busy lap to demand and win cuddles!

 As well as being the 2019  Cover Girl, Evie automatically became a greeting card design and proved to be very popular which is how she has since graced the front of some of our gift ideas as shown below.

2021 will see the arrival of new mugs and square cushions and I have an inkling Evie will be challenging “Office Cats” for the title of Most popular cat design!


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