Hector the Maine Coon Cat – Mr January 2019

Mr January 2019

Introducing Hector. Mr January 2019 Cat Calendar & Diary

Beauty and brains are a very rare combination, which is why Hector is perfectly content with just being a handsome specimen of Maine Coon fabulousness. What he lacks in intelligence he makes up for in his sweet, loving nature and prominent chin! Hector has lived with Melanie since he was four months old and now at the grand old age of seventeen shares his home with five Basset Hounds, a house rabbit and lots of ducks and chickens. A big fan of food and lying in the sun, Hector’s favourite spot is always a newly planted pot much to Melanie’s delight!

Hector is also available in our Handmade Creations collection. Here, Anna lays up her designs to fit a meter of fabric which she then has digitally printed onto cotton twill right here in the UK. From there it arrives back on a big  roll at Little Dog Towers to be cut out and turned into something unique and exclusive to our website. These items are small in quantity to avoid batch sewing monotony which in turn makes then rather special.

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