The Little Dog’s October Newsletter

Hello hello!

Hands up all those currently living their best lives ever? Anyone, anyone at all? What a big old mess eh, I am so thankful for the hug of a good, albeit reactive, grumbly and aloof dog right now! I hope you are all holding up okay and coping with whichever Tier you currently find yourself in. Having just quarantined for five days whilst waiting for a family member’s Covid test results, I am shocked at how speedily I returned to my March mindset and eating habits. Go STRAIGHT to the Biscuits, do not pass the Cake, do not collect an apple, advance to the Custard Creams. It is very frustrating second time round, especially when others are going about their day.

I will confess to being fascinated, okay, obsessed with how this whole event is affecting people. The different genders and various age groups. My four boys have loved it (As their mother I cannot possibly comment). I have friends who have worked solidly since March and look positively grey and frayed around the edges and furloughed friends who have thrived, loving the simplicity, the slower pace of life and solitude. I know twenty somethings who have relished the escape from the unspoken pressure too “Always be seen to be having fun” and have found the switch to working from home, completely logical and long overdue. In complete contrast is the experience of many mothers juggling their job, home schooling and domestic chores while many fathers immediately ruled themselves out of the teaching their offspring task, declaring an instant lack of patience. Lucky for some! For my Mum in her early 70’s, with a couple of cancer notches on her belt, Covid-19 has felt like a thief, stealing away precious time and chances to enjoy moments with family and friends. So many people, reading the same book title but all with their own story and experiences.

And how is the Little Dog fairing in it’s own story? Well, we are still here, just! I think we have probably reached the Expect Anything & Nothing chapter. We’ve done shock, disbelief and numbness and now we are making fluid plans that can slot in and around the very unpredictable present. October has loomed large in our worries since we knew the date the furlough scheme would be ending and trade is still nowhere near what it was. Our website orders are up (THANK YOU!) which is why we’ve been able to bring our furloughed team back, albeit part time. With some adaptive task thinking we have managed to get our last shielded, team member in. It was a rare moment of joy to see his face back at LD Towers. However, it really is a case of one week at a time, excepting that which remains and not being dragged into hopelessness by that which has vanished.

Talking of vanished, having no Autumn Fair to prepare for or attend was particularly unnerving. The trade shows have always defined our yearly working calendar, with everything else slotting in and around them. For the first time in over twenty years we had nowhere to go. Which is when Gavin, (my big brother and Company MD) suggested holding the world’s smallest trade show. Just us, in our building!

Luckily, we had a creative video genius on our doorstep and so “Jimmy the Vid” helped us put together a tongue in cheek nod to the world of exhibitions. We wanted to treat our trade customers to a little bit of silly and at the same time show them our new lines. It took three days to dress the showroom and shoot the video but it was completely worth the effort. It gave us that buzz and sense of purpose which has been sorely missing since March but best of all it made us laugh again, mainly at each other, but hey, we’ll take anything at the moment!

The “jokes” are trade show niche but the tune is great and Gavin’s dog Chester was an absolute natural. You are very welcome to view the final cut here. And if you want to stay on and admire or subscribe to our YouTube channel, be our guest.

The Little Dog’s Littlest Trade Show

And when we weren’t performing for the camera and at the same time hiding from the camera, we’ve been learning, tidying, styling, promoting, thinking, responding and pretty much like everyone else, just getting on with it, whatever “it” is as each week unfolds.

On the products front, the 2021 calendars and diaries have arrived and are selling through fast, we’ve refilled the shelves with lots of new card designs including Christmas, the bamboo travel mugs are back in stock with an upgrade to the heat resistant band, the new tea towels have arrived and our tasty travel sweets, which Gavin wants to rename Lockdown Lozenges are here! The lovely Alison who sews all our handmade goodies has also started creating her own range of gorgeous, one of a kind, little terrier dogs which we knew instantly you’d like, so we’ve also added these to the website just for you. In a nutshell, there might be a few things that take your fancy.


Actually, while you’re here, can I be super cheeky and ask for your opinions and feedback? If you have time to respond to our website questionnaire, that would be a tremendous help and hopefully set us on a safer path for 2021. Simply click on this link to a short set of questions which might help improve our service and choice.

Super Quick Questionnaire



Thank you so much for your time and loyalty, in all honesty, it is your orders that have got us through to October and will help us weather whatever 2021 sends our way. To everyone who shares or updates me on their furry ones, keep them coming as they are always a happy highlight in the working day.

This share from Denise is my current favourite!

Grumpy Dug’s Journey

Introducing grumpy Dug. Dug is a dog we rescued from Romania 3 years ago he was tied on a chain all day and night outside in a yard. He had a bad skin condition and had every reason to look sad and grumpy. A lovely Romania rescue took ownership of him and I saw him on their website. He was bought to the UK and we’ve had him 3 years. He’s still grumpy with people he doesn’t know but we absolutely adore him. The 3 pictures are of his journey.

Dug tied up.


Dug recovering.


Dug at home with us!

 Dug’s resting grump face!


As a little reward for making it all the way to the end of my witterings you are very welcome to use this 20% loyalty offer code “Oct thank you” which is valid until the 15th of November.*

With all our warmest wishes, stay sane

 Anna Danielle and Team Little Dog

*Sadly this offer code cannot be used in conjunction with any other code, it excludes Handmade and One of a Kind creations and Sale items and it is not valid on trade orders BUT it does work on everything else!


  1. Thank you for your email. I love the Little dog laughed after buying some Douglas dog wonder mugs in a farm cafe outside of Middlesbrough. Since then I have bought various other items. However as an owner of a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel I always scroll through for merchandise with these dogs. So far I have only been able to buy coasters which I love. Please could you do more things with the little Blenheim Cavie ? This one is like ours. Thank you for your personal letter.

  2. I am typing this having my next round of chemotherapy and your newsletter has so cheered me up! as has doing some shopping.

    I love all the animals you feature and especially dear little Dug Grumpy Face who looks absolutely beautiful. All my dogs have been rescued and some not pre-loved, but all have been just wonderful. Mr Max is the current GSD (very large and not totally co-ordinated), but we will never forget RosieBear (small but mighty), Tigger (simply the best), Dilly Dalmatian (totally DoLally), Lulu (or NanaDog) Miss Jessica (GuideDog Retd) and BenDog (the one who started my dog journey).

    Keep drawing these wonderful creatures with their quirks and comments – thank you

    • Hello Cherry, I’m honoured my newsletter rambles have afforded you a moment of cheer in what I can only imagine is a mentally, physically and emotionally draining time for you right now. You sent the cheer straight back with your descriptions of all the rescues you have shared your life with over the years. It made me smile instantly! Thank you and I hope you are well on the road to recovery, take care, Anna Danielle

  3. On a horribly cold and rainy day I came to my computer and switched it on. Your October Newsletter just lifted my spirits – from the flash across the second version saying words to the effect of loving it when you’re shown up to be an idiot by technology, through to your thoughts about Covid and Lockdown and how we’re all just struggling to adapt/adjust, to your wonderful video of your own ‘2020 Show’ (well worth the 3 days it took to set up the showroom, to glimpses of some of this years cards and so on – right through to Grumpy Dug. This Newsletter made me laugh, brought a big lump to my throat (the card with the Dog saying “She rescued me and my heart was hers forever” – I did that for a Beagle boy and his heart was mine until it stopped beating). And it reminded me of why I love LDL cards and products so much (I still have Smiffy cards that I can’t bear to use up because I love them so much) and why I need to get my act together and sort out an order. Finally I’d have to say that if an emailed Newsletter does all that for me – and it’s probably done a lot of the same for other people too – then I have absolutely no reason to want to change a single bit of it. Great Newsletter. Keep doing all you’re doing. Orders will come back as shops re-open and re-stock. Keep the faith – all will surely eventually be well. Best regards and wishing you all good health until we’re out of trouble. Dee Weston.
    p.s. I just came back from Devon where I visited my favourite LDL stockist in Totnes, got a few cards to keep me going thankfully.

  4. Really enjoyed reading my first Newsletter, such a Feel Gud Factor in these trying + testing times, thank you. From other comments, many have had their spirits lifted.
    Dug does look like your original Grumpy Old Man, bless himxx
    I’ve just taken delivery of my first purchase – a Cockapoo Hot Water Bottle + Cover, delighted with my purchase which will be a Xmas pressie for a dear friend (and loving owner of Freddie, her Cockapoo). I know she’ll be delighted with such a beautiful gift. The attention to detail is outstanding and this also extends to the gift box. Thank you all at Little Dog Laughed. Keep safe.

  5. Thank you for your email with the October Newsletter. I’m so pleased you’re still here! I’ve been buying your diaries since 2009 and wouldn’t be without one. I’m placing an order now but to be honest, I won’t take advantage of your very kind discount. I really want you to stay in business and I know every little helps. I’m happy to pay full price with fingers crossed that I’ll get my diary and cards for many more years to come. Good luck for the future and stay safe. Best wishes Maureen

  6. What a lovely story. I have two Romanian rescues thanks to Pooches Promise. Brodie is a small terrier and Rupert a fluffy, golden dog with short legs.

    Love your items. Looking to buy some items for presents x

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